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Special Interest Groups

(Open only to CHJ members)

In the list below you will find descriptions of existing CHJ groups and the contact person for each of them. If you have difficulty reaching any of the people listed below, please contact the CHJ office at 941-929-7771 or for assistance. Some contact people are snowbirds and may not be in Sarasota at this time. We need people willing to take on leadership roles in some groups, at least to get them started. Please consider being one of those people.

Social Action Committee

Join members in their Social Justice/Social Action (national and global) efforts or Community Action (local) efforts through this very vital CHJ committee. If you'd like to get in on the action and help repair the world – Tikkun Olam. You may contact the CHJ office 941-929-7771.

Special Interest and Social Groups

If you wish to contact any of our Interest Group Chairs, please refer to your Membership Directory or contact the CHJ Office at 941-929-7771/

Bike Riding Group

The Bike Riding Group meets a couple of times a season or monthly, if there is interest, usually on Saturday morning. They ride about an hour to an hour and ½ and try different places and try to choose scenic routes. Scheduling is flexible depending on the weather and all are welcome. If the group desires, they go to lunch afterward or bring their own lunch and brown bag it. They are open to suggestions on places to ride. Please contact (Sandy Siegel ) or the CHJ office at 941-929-7771.


Being part of a Chavurah is warm, engaging, stimulating, and fun! You have a chance to really get to know and understand fellow CHJ members as you meet monthly and shape your group. Think of contacting some of your friends to start a new Chavurah as this new year starts contact Renee Crames or the CHJ office at 941-929-7771.

Digital Imaging Group (DIG)

DIG (Digital Imaging Group) meets at 1:30 P.M. on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Sarasota North County Library (Newtown Library). The purpose of the group is to learn what makes a good photograph and how to use your digital camera and computer to achieve that end. A variety of assignments are made and Diggers bring in their images on memory cards or CDs. The photos are displayed on a digital projector and critiqued. All skill levels are welcome. Contact Jules Altenberg or the CHJ office at 941-929-7771 if you wish to join.

Film Groups

We have a number of film groups that may be presently filled, but we are also in the process of forming new film groups to meet the needs of other members who are also interested in viewing films and discussing them. Each group meets at a time selected by its members, usually in the homes of group members. Sometimes they choose to dine out afterward and continue their discussion of the film then. Current groups include:

Foreign Films – meets the fourth Tuesday at 4:30pm for dinner and discussion at a local restaurant. Contact Joan Fox.

Film Forum – Discussion led by Jules Altenberg. Meets the third Tuesday at 4:00pm. Group currently filled.

Reel Talk (Foreign Films)

Humanaires (chorus)

If you love to sing, please consider joining our CHJ chorus, the Humanaires. They are a group of non-professional singers who enjoy singing songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, and English (plus occasionally other languages as well) that come out of our Jewish experience. You don't have to be familiar with the languages since everything is transliterated.

If you are interested in singing with an enthusiastic group of people and making new friends along the way, call our CHJ office at 941-929-7771. For additional information about our Humanaires, click here (PDF).

Life Stories

We meet to learn about the fascinating lives of the members of our group. We all have stories to tell. We will meet on the 3rd Monday of every month. For time and schedule contact Alla Rabinovich or the CHJ office at 941-929-7771

Jewish History Seminar

It has been said that "the best weapon in the fight against anti-Semitism is knowledge of our history and culture." That is why our Jewish History Seminar was started. We meet monthly on the 2nd Wednesday from 1:00pm – 2:30pm. For information call Bill Lakin or the CHJ office at 941-929-7771.

Wine Tasting Groups

Our Wine Tasting Groups meet once a month from September to May at tasters' homes. Each group is limited to 12 people. Following evaluation of the wines and sharing opinions, there is usually more discussion of the wines and then, those who wish to do so, dine out together. If you are interested in Wine Tasting, contact Ron Fox to add your name to a group or the CHJ office at 941-929-7771.

We are looking for leaders for the following groups:

Board Games Groups
Bridge Group
Dining Groups
Mahjong Group
Readers Group
Women's Golf Group

If you are interested, contact the CHJ office at 941-929-7771.